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What is the Best Sign for my Business?

The best sign for your business is a sign you can read from a distance. One that clearly identifies your location, articulates what you are selling, and most importantly, makes people feel welcome to come in...

Too many business owners these days focus on how much (or in most cases, how little) it costs. Rather than considering how much business an investment in proper storefront signage can attract. 

Consider this, if a person had an interview for a new job at your company, how would you expect that person to dress for the interview? You certainly wouldn't appreciate cut-off jeans and a t-shirt right? Well, your signs are your company's clothing. Like it or not, the truth is that most people do decide if they will go into your business based on its outward appearance.

A well designed, nicely laid out storefront will attract clients simply because people like to do business with people who look successful. A nice clean sign and storefront = successful business. It's simple.


What are my options?

There are so many cool exterior signs and graphics that can be used to make your business look fantastic.

•  Dimensional signs with pin mounted letters

•  Custom fabricated metal signs with halo lit letters

•  LED digital display signs that can display multiple and changing  messages

•  Traditional carved wooden signs

•  LED illuminated signs,

•  Brushed metal letters and plaques

•  ...Or just plain old sign boards!

You can also make use of your storefront windows to tie everything together right down to the sidewalk.

Why stop there? Interior way-finding signage, product displays and wall wraps can make your interior spaces unique, easy to navigate and welcoming.

No matter what business you are in, presentation is everything, and if you have clients visiting your location, you need to think about signage.

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